The Pilates Barre Company

Stand J45

The Pilates Barre Company exists to ensure your fitness studio is properly and safely equipped for barre-fit classes. Our sister company, The Ballet Barre Company have lead the way in the supply and installation of ballet barres worldwide and we now know that a fitness barre needs to be so much more than for ballet. Our popular Endura & Prestige pilates barres have been specially designed and manufactured to cope with the rigorous demands of any fitness studio. Just ask Virgin Active, David LLoyd, Fusion Lifestyle, Third Space, Yogafit and Paola's BodyBarre. But we just don't do Brackets & Barres. Studio Mirrors and Cushioned Vinyl Flooring complete all you need for your barre classes to commence - we do the lot! We are a friendly team at The Pilates Barre Company so simply give us a call and let us know what you need. Whether it's a couple of Brackets & Barres or a complete studio fit-out - we'll always be delighted to help.