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Pure Lime – workout clothes for women Pure Lime is a Danish brand established in 1995 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Back then, the aim was to create functional and fashionable workout wear with a distinct Scandinavian profile, which we still strive to live up to today. Our aim As the years went by we have refined and now we are working – in all levels of our organisation – to achieve the following values; Feminine, Functional, Fashionable, Fit. These values are shining true in our collections – every single one of them. We introduce two collections every year, respectively spring/summer and fall/winter. Female designers We have a fantastic team of female designers; they take a pride in staying updated within the fashion industry so that our clothes always reflect today´s fashion and trends. We test all of our styles before they go to production – so that you can be sure to have both perfect fitting and amazing quality - including moisture-wicking materials that are both easy to breath in and that provide you with the freedom of movement you need. All of the above because we, at Pure Lime, know how important it is to feel good while exercising. We are convinced that you, with exactly the right sportswear can perform optimally and achieve precisely YOUR fitness goals. Workout clothes to all – regardless of body type and fitness level Pure Lime provide a wide selection of tops, sports bras, pants and accessories - you'll find something to suit you whether you are looking for clothes for fitness, running, cycling, yoga, group exercise or leisure. On this page you can shop our line whenever and wherever you want. Good luck with your training.

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