Cocoon Concierge

Stand A50

Cocoon Concierge was conceptualized by London businesswoman Sarah Morrissey as she juggled her international personal and professional life whilst being Mom to her three fabulous kids. An avid health, wellness and fitness devotee with a passion for the finer things in life, she found herself wishing there was a team out there just for her, who could smooth the way without her having to source a million and one contacts and speak to a million and one people. A single touchpoint, harmonizing her schedule and delivering the expertise to support her health and wellbeing to her, whatever timezone she happened to be in that day. A service which by gaining insights into her unique and personal requirements, could wrap facilitation around her to exceed her expectations, add flow and breadth to her experience, and give her back her time. A service devoted to applying its creative vision, efficiency, knowledge and discretion to take her lifestyle to the level she desired. And so Cocoon was born. Named after the feeling of being present in your life after everything has been taken care of, Cocoon is about maintaining your health, wellbeing and lifestyle requirements, wherever you are in the world.